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2022 Sunset Print Award Application

Program Description

The Sunset Print Award “Best Print in Exhibition” is offered at 2022 print competitions with a minimum of 150 prints are to be judged.  The judging, selection, and presentation are done by the hosting organization in accordance with the published Rules and Qualifications for the Sunset Print Award.

The award includes:

  • A Crystal Sunset Trophy

  • A Sunset Award Lapel Pin

  • Recognition on the Sunset Print blog and Web Site

  • One box of Sunset Photo Paper

In larger competitions, where entries are judged in various categories, one selection per category may be awarded, with prior approval from LexJet*. In these cases, the “Best Image in Exhibition” designation would be replaced with reference to the specific category.


Rules and Qualifications
  • All inkjet-printed* entries are eligible to win the “Best Print in Exhibition” Sunset award

    • *2022 Exception - entries can be digital 
  • One “Best Image in Exhibition” Sunset Print Award for all digital/virtual competitions
  • The competition must have a  minimum of 150 prints entered and judged as print
  • Any category within a competition must have a minimum of 25 entries

  • Entries need not be printed on Sunset inkjet media to win but must be an inkjet print

  • An image must be submitted and be judged as a print

  • The image must be chosen from the 10 highest scoring prints in the competition

  • The image does not qualify if it was previously named as a Sunset Print Award winner

  • The image must adhere to all rules and qualifications of the host print competition

  • The entrant must have all releases and permission of all subjects appearing in the image

For more information about the LexJet Sunset Award, contact Jennifer Corn or Adna Brkanic at LexJet, 800-453-9538.


Chairperson’s Checklist

Initial information needed. Complete the application, which includes the following information:

  • Print Chair’s contact information: phone, cell, email, mailing address.
  • Web address link to Competition Rules and Details
  • Host organization
  • Convention dates
  • Convention location
Post-competition information needed:
  • Winner’s name
  • Winners address to send the trophy
  • Winner’s phone number
  • Winner’s email
  • Name of the winning print
  • A high-resolution jpeg of the winning print
  • Studio name
  • Studio web address
  • Name of photographic paper used for the winning image
Sample email to members
Dear Member,
Your participation in print competitions provides you an opportunity to learn, grow, and have fun. Again in 2022, the Sunset Print Award will be among the multiple awards you can win by entering the [Name of your competition and date].
All prints submitted in this year’s competition will be eligible to win the LexJet Sunset Print Award for “Best Print in Exhibition”.
Our judges will select the winner from the top 10 scored prints of all categories. The winner will be awarded a trophy and one box of Sunset photographic media.
So, compete with your peers, have fun, and take advantage of this opportunity.
Your Print Chairperson
Supporting Collateral

The following information is provided to the Chairperson to use in member communication.

Background: The Sunset Print Award was first offered in 2009 to encourage participation in professional print competitions as an additional avenue for photographers to get recognized, learn, and grow their professional expertise. It also provided an opportunity to spotlight the Sunset suite of photographic and fine art inkjet media, which has won numerous PPA Hot One awards. Since 2010 the Sunset Award has been offered at all five PPA District competitions and many Regional and State competitions. Since 2009 over 110 photographers have won a Sunset Print Award.

New for 2022: The 2022 program will be designed to get maximum exposure for LexJet and our Sunset Media, even as most shows are likely to be virtual. This year we will award to a single "Best Image in Exhibition" winner for each competition.


About the Sunset Product Brand: The Sunset brand was first introduced by LexJet in 2005.  It is the brand name of a suite of inkjet products offered exclusively by LexJet. The more than 40 unique products within the suite are mainly used by professional photographers, fine art reproduction houses, labs, and those whose inkjet applications demand high image quality. This year, a new “best in class” canvas line produced by Fredrix with Wilhelm accreditation pending has been added. The entire suite of Sunset products can be found in the Sunset Products tab on the Sunset web site, .

Prints That Win! is the motto for the 2022 Sunset Print Award campaign. Competing in print competitions provides you with many benefits, but none better than the pride of being recognized among your peers. Print competitions offer you an opportunity to learn, hone your skills and have fun. Like most things, it does take a little effort but the experience and moderate cost are well worth it.


Print label specifying paper used

Please attach this label to the back of your print specifying the type of media it is printed on and certifying that it is an ink-jet print*.
It is not necessary to use LexJet Sunset media to win the Sunset Print Award.

Download Sunset Entry Label


Sunset Logos

Sunset Logo for Web (PNG):  Download

Sunset Logo for Web (JPG): Download

Sunset Logo for Print (PDF): Download

Sunset by LexJet for Web (PNG): Download

Sunset by LexJet for Web (JPG): Download

Sunset by LexJet for Print (PDF):  Download


Fields marked with a * are required.
All applications must be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to competition.